ZAHS "Mini" Alumni Reunion Photos Myrtle Beach 2000

Pictures by Lyle Bishop (60) and Dan Brown (62)

This page is Lyle's with his commentary, and at the bottom, there is a link to Dan's pix -- enjoy!

Front Row: Woody Carpenter '61, Gayle McDonald '61, Eddie Canell '61, Lyle Bishop '60, Judy Mercer Price '61.

Back Row: Dan Brown '62, Bob Halpin '61, Don McDonald '66, Jeff Butler '61.

WHERE IS WALDO?????? Click here to see each of the folks in the first pix as they were captured for their yearbook pix -- the first to match all, gets to host the next reunion!


Just having a good time, food is coming.

Getting ready to eat


They put the wild crowd out on the porch.


Eddie Canell, Judy Mercer Price, Lyle Bishop & Bob Halpin


Bob Halpin, Jeff Butler, Eddie Canell & Lyle Bishop


Trying to get Woody and crew in shape to drive back to Brookville, they were to have left at 5:30, it is now 9:30.


Gayle, Dan and Judy.  Getting the addresses right.  Everyone hated to leave.


New Nov 5 -- More pix from Lyle -- Click this line!

Now, for some thing completely different, pictures from Dan Brown - Just Click this line!


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