Honolulu Mini Get-Together

Photos by Phyllis Greer-Goodrow  '76

Hi, Rick! Fresh of the camera....
We held a mini get-together last night.

When:   9 Nov 05

Where:  Trendy Victoria-Ward Center's Honolulu's E&O Trading Co. Restaurant

Why:   Rose and Carlton were visiting!

L-R back row..
Alvin Nekoba  '76,  M/M George Moiser  '71,  Phyllis Greer Goodrow  '76
Front row...Carlton Aihara  '75,  Rose Kitirnos Mori  '76,
Cindy Allen  '76
, .Debbie Bell Noguchi  '73.


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I'm not sure it the resolution is good on the photos, but I tried my best...

Phyllis '76


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